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‘Come Together’, is a Beatles’ song. It’s also a fitting statement for Mike and Erin Montgomery, the owners of Abbey Road Tavern and Grill.

Mike and Erin are an awesome couple. Energetic, passionate and accomplished business owners.

Prior to owning Abbey Road,  Mike spent 20 years in the Rock and Roll industry working with the nation’s top bands from the Rolling Stones to the NC Symphony and everything in between. His job was to make sure the event went off flawlessly. Mike was committed to making sure people had a great time.

Erin has the same commitment to customer service. Her 15+ years of experience in food services and nightclub management allowed her to hone her skills in making sure customers have an awesome experience. During this time, Mike and Erin were also owners of a successful business. So what would be the perfect job for them with their and background and experience? Owning a rock and roll bar and restaurant of course! Abbey Road Tavern and Grill in Cary, North Carolina.

Over the years, Abbey Road Tavern and Grill earned the title of ‘Best Burger’ in the Triangle 14 times. As the owners of Abbey Road, Mike and Erin not only respected this heritage but built on it. Now Abbey Road Tavern and Grill is known not only for great food but also for outstanding live music.

So combine their successful business management with Mike’s extensive rock and roll/event background with Erin’s vast experience in excellent customer service and you have one of the coolest hangouts in the region.

Hey - did we say ‘one of the coolest hangouts’? Guess what? THERE ARE NOW TWO (2) ABBEY ROAD LOCATIONS! Yep, you heard it right! Erin and Mike have opened up Abbey Road Tavern and Grill - - APEX! Same great food, same great music, same great ‘vibe’! SECOND LOCATION!

It all ‘comes together’ at the Abbey Road Tavern and Grill - CARY and now - APEX!

Come check us out. You’ll be glad you did.

1195 W. CHATHAM ST, CARY NC 27513
TEL:  (919) 481-4434
OPEN:  Monday-Sunday, 11am-2am

1700 CENTER ST., APEX, NC 27502
TEL:  (919) 372-5383
OPEN:  Monday-Sunday, 11am-2am

711 N. MAIN ST, FUQUAY NC 27526

OPEN:  Monday-Sunday, 11am-2am